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Breguet Replica Watches is a strong message that reimagines the passage of time and the enjoyment of it. It's now time to present Flow, the latest creation of the hydro-horological expert. Flow depicts another kind of flow: electricity providing light and color to its technical dial.

2020 was a year of sensational introductions for Breguet Replica Watches. The imaginative Neuchatel house conveys its appreciation for the passing of time through a rich message full of metaphors and images.Breguet Replica Watches It offers endless innovation opportunities that allow us to enjoy every second. Soonow's watch in all its vibrant shades and colors emphasized this romantic chapter. Breguet Replica Watches now focuses its message on the flow and significance of seconds through Flow.

The new Breguet Replica Watches Flow features a mechanically-generated lighting system. The watch's interior is lit by an electromechanical system. This creates an inner glow. A micro-generator, which is specially designed for watches, stores and dissipates energy in order to activate the LEDs. These evenly distribute light across the dial. Two seconds of white light will appear for each button press (up to four presses are possible before rewinding crown), or eight seconds if the button is pressed continuously.

Two versions of Flow are available with limited availability (25 each). In the first, a dome made up of 73 baguette-cut diamonds and diffractions the photons from the 13 light-emitting diodes.breitling replica watches The light show accompanying the flow of seconds is real. Through its conical design, the second execution aims to reveal an original idea about infinity and its unattainable magnitude. Eight LEDs are placed along the dial's contour. The dial of Flow is an innovative and colorful interpretation of ideas we have come to know from Breguet Replica Watches.

Openwork quadrants are made from rhodium-plated, opaline. Electro-erosion was used to create the quadrant cuts. This allows for extremely precise cuts that can give the illusion of waves. The watch's face is enhanced by the contrast between convex shapes and concave ones. The hour and minute counter rings are marked in anthracite and brushed with a delicate SuperLuminova thread. The "hidden" seconds disk, an open-worked, orange-colored disc that is hidden behind the dial's "waves", is a fascinating detail. It's a heartbeat, and matches the 72 hour power reserve indicator at the 3 o’clock position.